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What is Ivy's ideal project?

Ivy's ideal project would be anything including creative freedom to interpret your concept into something unique and custom. Ivy receives a large amount of reoccurring inquiries so she tries to dig deep to the root of your idea, this opens up the possibilities for different imagery and interpretation so you leave the studio with something one of a kind that reflects your personal story. 

What method of payment do you take?

Cash, Credit, Debit are accepted. We do not accept money orders or cheques.

What is your hourly rate?

Ivy does not have an hourly rate as she focus's on large scale work. Ivy operates using a fixed day rate.

Will you tattoo under 18?



Can I bring a friend with me to my appointment?

No +1's are permitted in the Artist booth or studio as I work in a small shared space.


Are consultations neccasary?
Absolutley, complex and large scale designs need an in person or video consultation to establish a clear understanding of what you would like tattoo'd. However designs such as a singular flower do not need a consultation.


 Do you do cover-ups or fix-up's?

I will not complete, fix up or touch up another artists work unless it is a blackout project.



What if I don’t hear back from my booking inquiry?
Inquiries are responded to on a day to day basis. however, sometimes it may take up to 5 days for a response. Please note that not all requests will get approved. I try to focus on subject matter and style that matches my interest. please- feel free to send a follow-up email after 1 week has passed.


What is your deposit policy?
Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits are held until your last appointment and any appointments rescheduled with less than 72 hours notice will forfeit their existing deposit and a new one will be required to rebook.

How much is a deposit?

Deposit amount will vary from $200 to $500 + tax depending on the size and detail of your tattoo.


When do I get to see my design?
All designs will be shown the day of your appointment unless stated otherwise, minor changes can be made together in person before we start your tattoo. If major changes are required we will need to reschedule your appointment with a new deposit. Please familiarize yourself with my body of work on my Instagram to ensure my style matches what you are looking for.

How much for a sleeve?

A sleeve typically takes 6/7 FULL DAY appointments, pricing ranges from $10,000 to $12,000 depending on the size of your arm and complexity of design



What can I do to prepare for my tattoo?
Make sure to get a good night’s sleep, drink lots of water, and have a good meal before your appointment. You may also bring snacks and water.

Please make sure you are moisorizing your skin prior to your appointment and avoid alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo as alcohol thins the blood significantly, and after a big night, can affect the tattoo process the following day often resulting in a less-than-ideal heal.



Do you tip your tattoo artist?
In Canada it is considered the norm to tip your tattoo artist based on their service, however, it is not mandatory. Tips are greatly appreciated and come in all forms (monetary, gift, etc). Monetary tips tend to follow the standard tip guide of anywhere between 15-25+%.



How do touch-up sessions work?

After your tattoo session, you will need to wait at least 6/8 weeks for your tattoo to fully heal. If you think you need a touch up you may send a show your artist your tattoo and discuss if it needs a touch-up .

Touchup's are free within 6 months of your original tattoo.  


*Use of numbing cream will void any form of free touch up, please use at your own risk.

*Touch-ups only include touching up what is already there. Adding to a piece, however, small will be subject to additional fees.

*Finger tattoos and some feet tattoos are exempt from free touch-ups and are always charged at full rate.

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